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BPO Services

In general, the process of outsourcing specific Business services to a third party BPO Company is called Business Process Outsourcing. Generally Businesses do outsource their services to offshoring (different time zone) or nearshoring (same time zone) companies. Xpertec is a both nearshore & offshore outsourcing services provider to all Businesses.

Call Centre Services

Call Centre services are primarily voice based services. Call Centre Outsourcing is most common among businesses as no one wants to lose their customers. "Customer is the king" for any business & businesses should ensure that their customers are happy all the time. Most of the time customers are satisfied if their problems are heard.

Data Management Services

Data Management services is a critical process for any business. With the proper use of data businesses can identify the weak links, leverage on strong points & focus on essentials. It's a time consuming process & needs to be accurate. So, many organizations outsource their Data management services to Xpertec BPO.


Why Choose Us

We working for you to build your success fast

Management of the company is not only efficient but also broadly based in terms of specialist know-how. Our executives at Xpertec BPO have an in-depth knowledge of other relevant areas of business in addition to their own. They have also gathered many years' experience from working all over the world.

  • Responsibility

    We share responsibility for the success of our clients & business partners. We therefore proceed carefully, conscientiously & with a strong sense of our own responsibilities.

  • Openness

    We practise a culture of openness, characterised by honesty & respect our aim is solid working relationships based on mutual trust & flat hierarchies.

Who we are?

While operating as a global player, we also maintain the tradition of the "honourable merchant". We have had a presence on the international & local markets, offering cooperation & collaboration based on mutual trust.

  • Loyalty

    Loyalty & reliability are the cornerstones of our philosophy as a company. Our support for clients & partners remains strong even if they encounter difficult times.

  • Resoluteness

    We want to play a part in shaping the future. Besides entrepreneurial know-how, we have the necessary determination & perseverance.

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